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Vitility Elbow Crutches (Pair)



Available in black or football team strip colours. Take a look at our football gallery.

The anatomical handles on the Vitility Elbow Crutches are designed to support your elbows and fit the different shapes of your left and right hand.

Football Team (+£12.00)
Lime Green
Baby Pink
Black Metallic
Purple Metallic
Blue Metallic
Electric Blue Metallic
Pink Metallic
Red Metallic
Leopard Print (+£10.00)
Zebra Print (+£10.00)
Gold Chrome (+£10.00)
Silver Chrome (+£10.00)
Black Chrome (+£10.00)
Red Chrome (+£10.00)
Orange Green Rainbow Chrome (+£10.00)
Green Chrome (+£10.00)
Blue Chrome (+£10.00)
Purple Chrome (+£10.00)
Rose Gold Chrome (+£10.00)
Rose Red Chrome (+£10.00)
Purple Blue Chrome (+£10.00)
Silver Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Black Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Red Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Orange Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Gold Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Light Green Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Dark Green Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Dark Blue Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Light Blue Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Pink Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Raspberry Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Purple Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Rainbow Glitter Holographic (+£10.00)
Red Black Camo (+£10.00)
Orange Black Camo (+£10.00)
Orange Grey Camo (+£10.00)
Yellow Black Camo (+£10.00)
Neon Yellow Camo (+£10.00)
Blue White Camo (+£10.00)
Light Blue Camo (+£10.00)
Light Purple Camo (+£10.00)
Purple Camo (+£10.00)
Pink Camo (+£10.00)
Grey Black Camo (+£10.00)
Football Team (+£12.00)
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The aluminium Vitility Elbow Crutches are designed to support your elbows, as well as make it easier to walk with an injured leg. The anatomical handles are designed to fit the different shapes of your left and right hand and are moulded from a blend of polypropylene and PVC.

  • Adjustable height - between 84cm and 105cm depending on your needs
  • Anatomical handles give extra comfort and support
  • Designed for fluid movement in walking
  • Pack contains two crutches - one designed for your left hand, and one designed for your right hand
  • Helps you regain your mobility and independence in your life
  • Forearm cuff diameter of 85mm great for most individuals
  • Maximum user weight: 115kg (253.5lbs)

More Information

Crutches, Canes & Walking Frames

Standard Crutch - Adult

Easy and comfortable to use, these crutches are adjustable in two ways to suit your height and arm length. The closed cuff design helps to keep your arm comfortably in place and allows the crutches to remain on your arm when the handle is released to carry out other tasks.
These double adjustable crutches are made from robust, non-corroding aluminium. This ensures reliable support for the user, enabling them to manoeuvre themselves with confidence. These crutches are ideal for users who are recovering from injuries or surgery.

Minimum handle height: 670mm (26.5″)
Maximum handle height: 920mm (36″)
Minimum cuff to handle height: 200mm (7.5″)
Maximum cuff to handle height: 275mm (10.5″)
Maximum user weight: 160 kgs (25 st)
Standard Crutch – Child
Made from high quality lightweight anodised aluminium and featuring an angled neck to reduce the strain on the users wrist. These crutches are double adjustable with a total height adjustment of 12″ ensuring the crutches are suitable for a wide range of ages.
Well made and highly durable, these crutches are tough enough to cope with the most active of children.

Minimum height to handgrip: 560mm (21.5″)
Maximum height to handgrip: 800mm (31.5″)
Minimum handgrip to cuff: 170mm (6.75″)
Maximum handgrip to cuff: 220mm (8.75″)
Crutch weight (each): 650 g (1.2 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 100 kgs (16 st)
Bariatric Crutch
Steel forearm crutches suitable for users with a weight of up to 230kg (36 stone). They also have larger tips for additional stability. They are vinyl coated and feature ergonomically designed contoured cuffs which are comfortable and durable. The leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing making them available to a wide variety of individuals.

Handle Height: 71cm – 94cm (28”-37”)
Adjustable Height: 152 – 189cm (5ft – 6ft 2”)
Cuff Width: 10cm (4″)
Maximum user weight: 230kg (36 stone)
Ergonomic Crutches
Available as pair only.

Coopers adjustable elbow crutches with comfortable handle. These lightweight, strong high quality crutches are double adjustable for maximum user comfort. The ergonomic grip handle had been developed with computer design for the very best pressure distribution.

Minimum handgrip height: 580mm (23")
Maximum handgrip height: 835mm (33")
Minimum cuff to handgrip height: 200mm (8")
Maximum cuff to handgrip height: 275mm (11")
Crutch weight (each): 715 gms (1.5 lbs)
Ferrule size: 22mm
User Height 4'5" to 6'2
Maximum user weight: 127 kg (20 st)
Adjustable Cane
The Coopers adjustable walking stick is a high quality cane made from strong yet lightweight aluminium that is incredibly hard wearing and represents exceptional value for money.
This height adjustable stick has a very wide height range, allowing the handle to be set at the most comfortable and supportive height to suit the individual user. The aluminium construction ensures it is both lightweight and hard wearing and it’s contoured, contoured PVC handle ensures comfortable use all day long.

Maximum handle height: 965mm (38″)
Minimum handle height: 710mm (28″)
Stick weight: 550 gms (1.2 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 127 kgs (20 st)
Tripod Walking Stick
This height adjustable Tripod Cane has been styled like a traditional walking stick but with the additional stability of a small base. The Tripod Cane features a chrome plated steel base with an anodised aluminium neck, giving an excellent combination of strength and durability. The plastic moulded handle provides a secure grip and is centred over the legs to provide maximum stability. This small based tripod stick is suitable for left and right handed users.

Provides additional stability for users
Height adjustable
Comfy grip handle
Ferrule diameter: 16mm
Height adjustable: 690mm - 940mm (27" - 37")
Stick footprint: 165mm x 140mm (6.5" x 5.5")
Weight of Walking Stick: 600g
Maximum user weight: 125kg (19.5 st)

Tetrapod (Quad) Walking Stick
This European Style Tetrapod Cane is made from lightweight aluminium with a high gloss chrome finish which not only looks smart but also allows the stick to be wiped clean easily if required. 
The Tetrapod Cane is height adjustable through a good range, allowing it to be adjusted to provide comfortable support  for most user heights. The cane has a comfortable swan shaped curved neck, designed to place the users weight directly over the centre of the quad stick for maximum stability. This stick has four feet at the end of the shaft which provides a wider base offering more stability for the user. Extra grip rubber ferrules are fitted on all four legs.

Made from lightweight aluminium
High gloss hard wearing chrome finish
Four legged base gives excellent stability
Height adjustable through good range
Comfortable swan shaped neck
Quad stability promotes user confidence
Maximum handle height: 965mm (38")
Minimum handle height: 715mm (28")
Ferrule size: 16mm (0.6")
Walking stick weight: 1.2 kgs (2.6 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 115 kgs (18 st)
Folding Walking Frame
This lightweight folding Walking Frame is simple to use and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This aluminium walker features ferrule tipped legs for comfort and security, two comfortable grip handles and a folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage. Available with or without wheels.

Height adjustment: 81cm – 99cm / 32” – 39”
Product weight: 3kg / 6.6lb
Dimensions (W x D) 56 x 43cm / 22” x 17”
Maximum user weight: 180kg / 28 stone

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